When you have a great true story like Ray Krone’s, of course there has to be a movie. We’re writing a screenplay (tentatively titled Snaggletooth) whose working logline is:

Framed for a brutal murder, Ray Krone faces life in prison…until…

[Movie producers are invited to
read the book or

contact the author

to learn about the shocking complications
that made this the perfect crime…
and could make “Snaggletooth”
a perfect box office attraction.

Our detailed treatment is based on the following brief synopsis:

Kim Ancona is brutally murdered. The police attribute the bite mark on her left breast to Ray Krone. Dubbed “the snaggletooth killer,” he is found guilty and sentenced to death. Jim Rix learns that he has a cousin on Death Row and begins to investigate. Coming to believe that his cousin is innocent, Rix hires attorney Chris Plourd, who overcomes many legal roadblocks to win Krone a new trial.

Then Krone’s DNA suspiciously shows up on the victim’s clothing. Through brilliant legal maneuvering, Plourd minimizes the impact of the DNA “evidence” and presents three experts who dispute the bite mark. A subtly manipulated hometown jury nevertheless convicts Krone a second time.

Seeing that the only way to free Krone is to find out who really killed Ancona, Rix widens his investigation. Having nearly constructed his case, he suspects foul play when someone in the police department leaks DNA test results pointing to sex-offender Kenneth Phillips (and quickly leading to Krone’s release).

Overwhelmed by the DNA match and with egg on their face for having twice prosecuted an innocent man, prosecutors focus on Phillips and fail again to pay attention to the rest of the evidence…

“Jingle Jangle” will have a good many more twists and turns than did the legal thriller “Hurricane,” in which Rubin Carter (played by Denzel Washington) was, like Ray Krone, railroaded into prison. Whereas “Hurricane” focused almost exclusively on Carter’s 20-year-fight to win his freedom, “Jingle Jangle” will have the extra dimension that it’s a detective story.

And “Jingle Jangle” will also do “The Shawshank Redemption” a few better. “Shawshank” was resolved when Andy Dufresne (the Tim Robbins character) got back at the evil prison warden. In the Ray Krone story, it’s not a fictional prison warden who needs his comeuppance, but actual officials in the criminal justice system of Phoenix and Maricopa County, Arizona. They’ll get theirs everytime someone watches “Snaggletooth” (or reads the book from which it’s being adapted) and learns what they did to Ray Krone.

Stay tuned!

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